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The Hengri Corporation was set up in 1998, and ever after its founding, this corporation established its vital concept for long-term development, i.e., "Develop special products and enhance the overall progress of the enterprise".

 This corporation makes technical inputs whole-heartedly in order to cut short the cycle of product R&D, and develop products not yet available on the market, and has seized a leading position in the production of certain products. It adopts strict digital archives type of management to guarantee consistent and stable quality of products. On marketing, it makes use of advantages of its products, stay away from competitions over conventional products, and expands its spaces for special (high-tech and precision) products, and has successfully realized a benign cycle of development. As of now, this corporation has 2 subdivisions and 10 sales offices, with a total annual production capacity of 1200 tons.


As it develops further, this corporation is planning to be involved in chemical products relevant to electronics, the  fiber, tin printing and photosensitive materials, and become an eternal brand of the chemical industry through the unswerving efforts of one or more generations of this corporation.

 Important types of products

 No.          Model                 Printing ink

1               HR-10                 Water-borne  ink HR-10A glossy water-borne ink

2               HR-20                 UV gravure ink

3               HR-30                 gravure surface printing ink for plastic

4               HR-40                 special ink for high-strength liquid film HR-40A special ink for multifunctional liquid film

5               HR-50                 Alcohol-soluble flexo ink for plastic

6               HR-60                 plastic transparent ink (matt  series ink)

7               HR-70                 Alcohol-soluble lamination  ink for plastic

8               HR-80                 lamination (inner  printing) ink for plastic

9               HR-88                 lamination  ink for Polyester plastic

10             HR-90                 high-speed lamination (inner printing) ink for plastic

11             HR-100                 Retortable ink

12             HR-110                 screen ink for elastomer



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